Nov 292014

The last meeting of the 2014  will be a special event held in partnership with the KMIRC of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a talk from a Dr. Aino Kianto from Finland, a small country at the forefront of Knowledge Management.  Drinks and snacks will be served.

Dr. Aino Kianto will talk about  “Intellectual capital and knowledge management practices in Finnish and Chinese companies”. In this talk, she will present the results of a recent survey study identifying the key strengths and weaknesses in intellectual capital stocks and KM practices in firms in these two countries.


Speaker : Dr. Aino Kianto
Date : Thursday 4th December,  2014,
Time: From 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location:  La Lune Bar and Restaurant,
Shop 1, G/F, No 23-29 Wing Wo Street,  Sheung Wan.  

The charge for event is free for members of HKKMS and KMIRC and HK$300 for non-members.  Please complete the registration form below to reserve your place.


Short bio

Dr. Aino Kianto (née Pöyhönen), holds a full professorship in Knowledge Management in the School of Business, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. She also is the academic director for the Master Programme in Knowledge Management and Leadership in the School of Business. Her teaching and research focus on knowledge management, intellectual capital, creativity, innovation and organizational renewal.

She has authored and co-authored more than 100 academic articles, papers, books and book chapters related with these topics. She has been called one of the most prominent academic figures in the field of intellectual capital and has received several awards for research excellence, e.g. three of her papers in Journal of Intellectual Capital have been recognized with Emerald’s Highly Commended Award. She has been involved in a responsible role in 9 different research projects dealing with knowledge management, intellectual capital and innovation, e.g. she is the leader of the project Intellectual Capital and Value Creation where knowledge-based value creation is examined in 8 countries.

Professor Kianto’s expertise spans outside the academia: e.g. she is the inventor of the ORCI-method, used for assessing and developing organizational renewal capability in more than 100 organizations across Europe, has worked with the Future committee of the Finnish parliament and regularly lectures for companies and practitioners.


Jul 222012

Dr John Dumay, unlocking ICDr John Dumay, presented a pragmatic and useful presentation, that was targeted to Intellectual Capital (IC) practitioners.

Some of the more useful and standout points (at least for me) were:

  1. Entering into IC, is often done from the accounting perspective, which results in locking into an paradigm that can limit the effectiveness of IC in an organisation.  It can get “lost”.
  2. Strategic introduction of IC into an organisation allows “unlocking of IC” for real change and to enable individual managers and teams achieve individual goals.
  3. Dr Dumay’s study of IC within an Italian Utilities company, initially focused towards assessing whether measuring and report IC could aid in assessing whether the company is better fulfilling customer needs, during potential merger discussion that IC report was invaluable to assess fit and improve integration with a new partner.
  4. Conclusion reached is that sometime a formal “accounting” approach to IC is needed, especially for new comers.
  5. Undertaking a full company wide IC reporting project needs full management support.  If this level of support is not present it is possible and pragmatic to undertake smaller business unit or departmental approach to introduce IC practices.

I do believe that implementation of IC is company specific and you need to take stock of what is the reality within the company that you work, personally speaking I think you do need some measures and indicators, and these need to be carefully designed,  but this has to be balanced, overly complicated measurement approaches will inhibit real benefits.

Further perspectives from anyone is welcome.

The full PDF of the presentation can be found here (Dr John Dumay – Unlocking IC)

Photo’s from the event can be seen Photo Gallery page.

Jul 142012
Dr John Dumay The HKKMS is pleased to have Dr. John Dumay from the University of Sydney, to be presenting to the society on “unlocking intellectual capital” This event is jointly organised by the HKKMS & the KMIRC.

Dr. Dumay worked for over 15 years as an independent business consultant across a wide variety of industries before joining academia after completing his PhD in 2008.   This seminar brings together Dr John Dumay’s unique blend of consulting, change management and academic research experience to help “un-lock” IC so that academics and practitioners can take the lessons he has learnt, adapt them into their own context and “un-lock” the IC in their own organisations.

Event schedule
Date: 17th JULY 2012, 6:30 -8:00 PM
Venue: Conference Room 1, 22/F,
United Centre, 95 Queensway
(Admiralty MTR Station)

Further details of “unlock intellectual capital and Dr John Dumay

Jan 302012

The Hong Kong Computer Society and Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management SIG (BIKMSIG), are organising a forum on 9 Feb together with the Hong Kong Productivity Council,  to discuss about Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) and Organisational Learning (OL).

The forum will be held on the 9th February between 6:30-9:30pm at the HKPC in Kowloon Tong.

Further details can be found at the following URL: