Apr 142011

On the 14th April a seminar on ICM was conducted jointly with the KMRC.

The speakers were Leif Edvinsson and Cherie Lui.


Reporting of IC has been well established in various forms across Europe. The most popular ones include VAIC, IC Rating, IC Accounting, IC Statement etc. These methodologies can be quantitative, semi-quantitative or qualitative. The problems are tackled from either financial or managerial perspectives and most of them are adopted with a top-down approach from either senior management or through appointed consultants. The Knowledge Management Research Center of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has conducted a number of IC studies in various sectors of the industries with a bottom-up approach from the organizational learning perspectives. The seminar will discuss and summarize the methodology of conducting IC assessment as well as lessons learnt.


Leif Edvinsson
Professor Edvinsson has been a key contributor to the theory of IC and has overseen the creation of the world’s first corporate Intellectual Capital Annual Report. During 1996 he was recognized with awards from the
American Productivity and Quality Centre, USA and Business Intelligence, UK, for his pioneering work on IC.

Cherie Lui
Miss Cherie Lui has joined the Knowledge Management Research Centre since 2009. During these years, she has participated in the supervision of industrial based IC & KM projects for undergraduate students, the delivery
of KM consultancy projects as well as IC training for corporations.