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Research was conducted by Professor Garner and his team into Knowledge Based systems at Deakin University from 1979 to 2003, culminating in many research papers, typically published in International journals such as ”Knowledge Based System” Elsevier) and in International Conferences. The KM scheme employed was typically Conceptual Graphs.


 : Dr. Brian Garner
Date : Tuesday , 16 February , 2016
Time: From 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: 22nd Floor, United Centre, Admiralty, Hong Kong 


The event is $200 for non members and free for members.  Please complete the registration form below.  Further details an Dr Garners Bio can be found below.

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In this address to the HKKMS the principle focus will be on the increasing diversity of KM applications, for example in Supply Chain Management, and the challenges faced by real-time update and auditability.

Examples will be chosen from

  • Support for New Business Processes
  • Business Innovation Requirements
  • Scope for Capacity Building and Development using Transformational Learning (eg. Embedding Knowledge in Blended Learning)
  • Applications of NANO-Technology in KM
  • Corporate collaboration effectiveness
  • Knowledge transfer in Design

Bio and short CV for Dr. Brian J. Garner – Emeritus Professor

Dartford Grammar School (UK) 1947 – 52
Laboratory Technician – Woolwich Polytechnic 1953 – 1955
Imperial College-LONDON University 1955-1958: B.Sc First Class Honours (Governors Prize in Organic Chemistry)
Imperial College (London University) Ph.D.: 1959-1961
PostDoctoral Research Assistant at PURDUE UNIVERSITY (USA)-1962
NATO Research Fellow –Wuerzburg University (Germany) 1963
Lecturer in Organic Chemistry – LEEDS University 1964-1966
Research Scientist UNILEVER RESEARCH DIVISION 1967-1969
Data Processing Specialist/Management Scientist-IBM Australia: 1970-1973
Victorian Manager – Compunet
Manager, Corporate Data processing –BHP (1974-1978(June)
Professor of IT – Deakin University (July 1978 -2003)

Appointed Emeritus Professor at Deakin University in October, 2003

Since 2003, Professor Garner has been engaged in successive Consulting Assignments in Australia

  • Deakin University
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • MIMOS in Malaysia
Dec 112015

We are planning an end-of-year round table HKKMS dinner in the form of a Knowledge café on Monday 14th December from 6.30pm. Space is limited and time is short, so please register directly by completing the form below as soon as possible. Places will be subject to a confirmation and on a first come first served basis. There is no fee for HKKMS members, and a fee of HK$300 for non-members.

Our guest speaker and facilitator of the conversation will be Geoff Gibas ( picture and Bio below) . Geoff will lead a discussion on the following theme;

  • Where next for KM? KM is no longer a “new discipline”. The world of KM is, however, ever more dynamic. The “CEO Question” is “What can you KM guys do for me?”

With reference to current case study research, Geoff plans to discuss the strategic opportunities with the KM community of Hong Kong

The venue will be the China Club, Chinese Restaurant – Address: Old bank of China Building, Bank Street , Central , 中環德輔道中2A中國銀行大廈13樓-14樓 Phone:2521 8888

Geoff Gibas’s Bio – Global Strategic Manager, Consultant, Academic, Brand Expert, Coach

geoff-gibasA professional global management expert specialising in organizational positioning, branding, and internal and external communications in both the private and public sectors spanning 4 continents.

Managing Director Amber Management sàrl (2014)

Head of international marketing for EMI Music
(Europe, Africa, Asia and N.America)

  • Launched new markets in Pakistan and Nigeria
  • Awards for sales of Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”
  • Executive producer Los Jaivas, Sonny Okosun (Abbey Road Studios)

Director of Communications for Honeywell EMEA

  • US $20 million budget, team of 90 across 16 countries
  • Facilitator of equal opportunities programme in South Africa
  • Negotiator for Honeywell for Disneyland Paris project
  • Silver Award New York Film Festival

Director of Communications for AT&T EMEA

  • Responsible for corporate branding, and all external positioning
  • AT&T “Pro Award” for international marketing campaign of the year

Member of Faculty Waikato Management School, New Zealand
Executive MBA programme and Corporate Education

Member of International Faculty of Boston University
Business in Europe intensive programme
with EU institutions and corporate headquarters DHL, Mastercard, Citibank

Visiting Professor – TEC de Monterrey, Mexico, National University, Chiungli, Taiwan, Theseus, Sophia Antipolis, France, Warwick Business School. Warsaw School of Economics

Oct 012015

The HKKMS and the KMIRC are happy to have Andrew Trickett, from Arup, to present at the October meeting of the societies.

Andrew’s talk will highlight some of the barriers in knowledge based organisations which affect effective knowledge sharing and innovation and will highlight the practices and tools that Arup utilise to capture and re-utilise knowledge and how this is a driver of innovation within Arup, Andrew will also discuss the lessons learnt.

Andrew Trickett, Global Rail Knowledge & Information Manager  Arup

Andrew Trickett, Global Rail Knowledge & Information Manager Arup


Speaker : Andrew Trickett, Global Rail,, Knowledge and Information Manager
Date : Thursday, 22nd October ,  2015,
Time: From 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: KPMG Insights Centre Collaboration Zone on 8th Floor, Princes Building, Central

The event is $200 for non members and free for members of the HKKMS or KMIRC.  Please complete the registration form below to reserve your place.   A synopsis of the talk and Andrew’s Bio can be also be found below.


Andrew presentation file can be downloaded from the following URL: HKKMS 22Oct2015 Andrew Trickett (3MB PDF)

Talk Synopsis

The talk will highlight the practices and tools that Arup utilise to capture and re-utilise knowledge and how this is a driver of innovation within Arup but also the lessons learnt.

Andrew will set out what he sees as the problems in today’s knowledge based organisations that act as inhibitors not only to sharing knowledge but also to innovation.

The talk emphasises the importance of the Human dimension and why creativity is for everyone in an organisation.

Focus will be placed on the work that Arup is undertaking in the global rail business with knowledge reviews during the life of the project. Andrew will be highlighting the role of knowledge reviews in the flow as a means of capturing JIT knowledge and how it is used to add value in Rail.

Andrew’s Bio
Andrew Trickett, Global Rail Knowledge & Information Manager Arup

Andrew is Knowledge and Information Manager within Arup’s global rail team and has over 15 years’ experience in the field of KM

Recognised globally across Arup as a subject matter expert on Knowledge Management and Communities of Practice (COP), Andrew has designed and delivered numerous innovative and engaging workshops with employees from numerous disciplines up to executive level. Andrew is particularly interested in the use of COP’s and project reviews as a means of capturing tacit knowledge from people,delivering operational efficiencies and driving innovation within an organisation. He has delivered KM talks in this area in London, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Johannesburg and San Francisco and also provided support in the area of COPS to MTR on a visiting basis

Andrew holds an MBA from Aston University

Jul 122015

The July meeting of the Society, held in partnership with the KMIRC of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,  will be held on Thursday 16thJuly at our usual venue , 22/F United Centre, Admiralty .  We’re delighted to welcome a leading authority on Innovation from the UK who will talk about the work he is doing in Big Data.  A synopsis of the talk can be found below.

Darrell Mann, Systematic Innovation

Speaker : Darrell Mann, CEO, Systematic Innovation 
Date : Thursday 16th July ,  2015,
Time: From 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location:  22/F, United Centre, Admiralty


Darrell’s presentation from the event can be downloaded here (PDF 1.5MB)

Talk Synopsis

The Big Data Analytics industry generated close to £20B of turnover in 2014, excellent news for the Data providers, but not so good for the clients. Tangible evidence of value delivered from the Analytics is sparse indeed. Which leaves companies with a significant contradiction:  future success will increasingly be determined by Big Data, but the large majority of Big Data providers are not capable of delivering meaningful, actionable insight. The presentation will focus on this contradiction and its resolution. This will include an introduction to a newly released Big Data Analytics capability spectrum. The result of a six year academia-led programme of research into the inner workings of the Big Data Analytics industry, the spectrum is intended to provide prospective Big Data users with an objective means of comparing the variety of Data providers and matching their capabilities to the prevailing and emerging needs of the enterprise.


May 042015

Our speakers

Paul Corney

Paul Corney

David Williams

David Williams

Karuna Ramanathan

Karuna Ramanathan







The next meeting of the Society, held in partnership with the KMIRC of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, will be a half day KM Conference held at the Theatre , 22/F United Centre, Admiralty. We are delighted to welcome Paul Corney to visit us from the UK. Paul has contributed to KM thought leadership for many years at speaking engagements around the world.

Also joining us are Karuna Ramanathan from Singapore and David Williams from Australia, two leaders from the KM Global Network (KMGN) , a network of KM Societies formed last year in Asia Pacific and expanding to cover Europe and the Americas.

More information on the speakers and their topics can be found below.

All of those with an interest in KM should attend and help spread the word. Group discounts are available. There is limited seating, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Early bird pricing of HK$1500 is available for all registrations received before cob on Monday 11th May.

Confirmed speakers : Paul Corney, David Williams, Karuna Ramanathan,

Date : Thursday ,28th May, 2015,
Time: From 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Theatre, 22nd Floor, United Centre, Admiralty (Admiralty MTR Station)

The charge for event is HK$1800 for members and HK$$2100 for non-members.

Registration has finished for this event.


Details of the talks and speakers

Topic : Why effective Knowledge Capture & Retention matters
Paul Corney

Speaker – Paul J Corney, Managing Partner , Knowledge et Al

Increased focus on cost containment and a drive for greater flexibility has resulted in many people relocating or retiring. There is a growing awareness that outgoing officials take more than just their presence; they take years of experience and the stories that have helped shape the organisation’s DNA; and they take their networks often the most valuable resource.

This presentation will demonstrate how a major UK Government organisation set about:

  • Ensuring new joiners hit the ground running in the shortest time possible by equipping them with the right knowledge and information .
  • Transitioning staff into new roles so that when they are reassigned they have sufficient time and access to the right knowledge and information
  • Capturing experience and knowledge from staff coming up for retirement, whose job might be disappearing or who are leaving so that their knowledge (and networks) are not lost.

Download Paul’s presentation “Why Effective knowledge capture & retention matters”

Brief bio :

An early pioneer of intranets in the mid 90′s and one of the first ‘knowledge managers’ in the City of London Paul has led many challenging cross culture and cross continent assignments. He speaks regularly at and chair international events and runs masterclasses.  Paul has published numerous works on Knowledge Management and is currently co-authoring a book on proven knowledge capture and retention with the former KM Head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


Topic : The future of work

David WilliamsSpeaker – David Williams , Convenor actKM

The concept of work as we have understand it is continues to change. The boundaries, structures and functions of organisations are becoming blurred as the interaction with customers, suppliers and peer networks permeate traditional structures.  This presentation will look at how the workplace demographic, globalisation, environmental change, social networking and the explosion of middle class in developing countries will impact on the way that organisation’s will need to evolve.  The rate at which organisations learn is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Brief Bio :

David has a Diploma in engineering, a Grad Dip in Public Sector Management and a Master’s degree in Project Management. He is a Certified Practicing Project Director and is an accredited workplace trainer and Assessor. He is the President of the ACT KM forum, chair of the Information Awareness Committee and is on the Board of the Institute for Information Management. He chairs the AIIM International KM Standard working group and is a founding member of the Knowledge Management Global Network. David lectures at the University of Canberra on Knowledge Management Systems and Information Systems in Organisations at the post graduate level.

Download David’s Presentation at the conference via the following links

  1. David’s William’s presentation at the HKKMS conference march 2015
  2. David’s William’s paper on “The Future of work” at the HKKMS conference March 2015

Topic : KM Change Leadership: Strengthening Knowledge Ready Organisations
Karuna Ramanathan

Speaker : Karuna Ramanathan , President iKMS, Singapore

As knowledge practitioners, we realise that harnessing knowledge remains critical for workforce competitiveness and organisational success, as complexity and unpredictability engulf organisations. In Singapore, at the national level, government has initiated the SMART NATION programme, to leverage on technology to improve the lives of citizens. At a personal level, we
know that if as leaders, manager and workers, we do not know what we know, if we do not know what we do not know and/or if we think we know all there is to know, we might not be able to contribute to organizational effectiveness.

Brief bio

Karuna is currently the Senior Organisational Development Consultant in the Public Service Division (PSD), Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Singapore. In this role, he supports large system change in and between public service organisations to realize organizational effectiveness and employee engagement.  Karuna is the  current President of iKMS, the Singapore KM Society since 2013.

Download Karuna’s presentation to the society

  1. Karuna Ramanathan ‘s talk at the HKKMS conference