Feb 122014
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For the February meeting we have the pleasure of welcoming the MTR’s Danal Blessis on improving project management through knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation.

Danal Blessis, MTR

Event details: 

Speaker :  Danal Blessis
Date : 25th February 2014,
Time: From 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location:  HKGCC Conference Room , 22/F, United Centre 95 Queensway (Admiralty MTR Station)

The event is free for members and $200 for non members.  Please complete the registration form to reserve your place.   Come prepared for an engaging evening.


Talk Synopsis

How can a mature organisation with its own cultural legacy change from a norm of knowledge hoarding to one of knowledge sharing? This talk will focus on lessons learnt as a knowledge worker in a major Hong Kong corporation, including some of the pains and some of the gains.

Danal will discuss how change management techniques combined with solid information architecture have been employed to aid Hong Kong’s multi-project railway expansion programme, achieving organisational change to enable improvements and innovations through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The talk will focus on the application of practical KM tools and how the programme continues to evolve year on year to address current challenges and business needs.

Danal’s Bio

Danal Blessis is the programme manager for Innovation and Knowledge Management in MTR Corporation’s Projects Division. With 18 years in the railway industry in Hong Kong, following the merger of the MTR and KCR operations in 2007 Danal has been focused on developing and embedding best practice in knowledge management to effect improvements in collaboration and innovation across a multi-project organisation. He received his BS in Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the US State of North Carolina. Danal is an active member of the HKKMS and is President of the Duke University Alumni Association in Hong Kong.

Event details: 

Speaker :  Danal Blessis
Date : 25th February 2014, from 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location:  HKGCC Conference Room , 22/F, United Centre 95 Queensway (Admiralty MTR Station)

The event is free for members and $200 for non-members.  Please complete the registration form below

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Apr 302013

Social Media and innovation

Dr Harpal Bhusate

Dr Harpal Bhusate

Returning one of the core themes of KM , Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing,  our guest speaker from the UK, Dr. Harpal Bhusate, will summarise how Vodaphone, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, is tackling challenges in the cultural and technology changes required to succeed .

We aim to make this event more intimate and a more collaborative learning experience for everyone attending, therefore following Dr Bhusate’s introduction, we will facilitate a Knowledge Café with our participants around the following key barriers to Collaboration and Knowledge sharing.  

  • Not communicating the real, measurable benefits of Collaboration to the business
  • Information “silos” blocking collaboration between teams and locations
  • Enablement of employees and appropriate incentives to collaborate and share knowledge
  • A focus on short-term results, and no appropriate technology platform or strategy

All the participants are kindly invited to share their experiences in these and other areas of creating a Knowledge sharing organization.

The event is free for HKKMS members and $200 for non-members..

Date and time : Tue 7th May 2013  (6.30pm – 8.00 pm)

Venue: HKGCC Conference Room , 22/F, United Centre 95 Queensway (Admiralty MTR Station)

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Fuller details on the talk and a bio of the speaker can be found below.

There are 1.5bn global social networking users and 80% of online users interact with social networks regularly. But organizations have adopted social technologies at half the rate of consumers.

IBM Survey (2012) of 1,709 CEOs found that only 16% of the organisations have some form of social collaboration and 57% say they will be committed to building a social organisation and looking for opportunities to increase communication, collaboration and innovation.

Further research conducted by the Corporate Leadership Council for Human Resources reported that improving the connections across the workforce is a top priority for 79% of the organisations. The current economic challenges are pushing organisations to consider collaboration initiatives to reduce duplication and improve speed to market. Initial research concluded that collaboration can help to improve revenue targets by up to 36% and employee engagement by up to 38%.

However, effective collaboration remains to be a challenge across many multinational enterprises. There are many reasons which impact an organization’s ability to collaborate. Most importantly, the environment in many organisations does not fully integrate collaboration, through a number of weaknesses:

  • Not communicating the real, measurable benefits of Collaboration to the business
  • Information “silos” blocking collaboration between teams and locations
  • Enablement of employees and appropriate incentives to collaborate and share knowledge
  • A focus on short-term results, and no appropriate technology platform or strategy

Vodafone has more than 85,000 employees worldwide, including full time knowledge workers, contractors, retail staff, call centre operatives and everyone in between. We’re spread over more than 30 countries, speak dozens of languages, and embrace hundreds of cultures amongst our people. Vodafone has been in operation for the past 25 years and for the first time every employee; no matter who they are or where they work in the globe have one standard, modern, integrated social online workplace to connect, find, collaborate and share in a simple and seamless way. This has resulted in a real, measurable impact in improving employee engagement, productivity and operational efficiency.

Speaker BIO : Dr. Harpal Bhusate
After completing her PhD at Imperial College, London, Pal has spent 20 years’ in a corporate world in the Energy and Telecommunications sector. Her experience ranges from managing a complex and large-scale gas network, rolling out the first 3G network in the UK and creating from scratch the first multifunctional shared service centre for Vodafone in India. More recently she has implemented a world-class, modern online workplace – providing access for over 80 local markets and partners across the globe, and has led the way as a champion and evangelist for social collaboration. Her wealth of knowledge of the cross functional operational challenges and talent for always taking the simplest approach have been her key strengths in delivering such huge business impact. Being a mother of 3 teenagers, and having recruited and managed recent graduates, she truly appreciates the changing needs of the future workplace 2020 environment where there will be 5 generations at work and has the passion to shape this world.

Dr. Bhusate’s presentation to the society (file size 3.3MB)

Photos from the event
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Dec 152011

Innovation and Collaboration in corporate environments

The first meeting of 2012 will be a KMRC/HKKMS joint sponsored event on the 17th January 2012.

The speaker is Annalie Killian, from Australian Mutual Provident (AMP)  who has the wonderful job title ” Catalyst for Magic”  Annalie is an award winning thought leader in driving enterprise collaboration and innovation.  This is a must attend event.

Join us on the 17th January at 7:00pm in Room BC305, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Quick synopsis of the talk
Whilst many other corporate programmes have faltered, the AMP innovation culture has steadily grown, and today enjoys a key strategic focus at the Leadership level.  Annalie will talk about how collaboration and innovation have joined hands to shift the culture of AMP, outline the eco-system approach she espouses, and explain the key role that the AMPLIFY Festival of Innovation and Thought Leadership, an event she created and produce every 2 years, as a catalyst and accelerator of change.”

Who is Annalie?
Annalie’s role focuses on cultivating a culture of innovation and collaboration, helping people across all levels explore new trends, experiment with ideas and emerging technologies, and find ways to apply or commercialise them. She founded AMP’s crowdsourcing innovation programme which has grown from a grassroots movement in 2003 to a company‐wide programme by 2009.

Fuller details of Annalie and this event can be found HERE

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