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Please find a selection of photos from some of the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society (HKKMS) events and conferences.

HKKMS Conference May 2015

6 photos
HKKMS event Sept 2014 Knowledge leakage in SME's

Susanne Durst came to the society to discuss the topic subject around Knowledge Leakage in SME's
10 photos
March 2014 "KM in Practice" conference

11 photos
Nov 2013 KM and Big Data Conference 2013

29 photos
HKKMS event:August 2013 "Ignorance management"

9 photos
HKKMS event: June 2013

7 photos
9 May 2013

9 photos
HKKMS March 2013 conference

Photos from the HKKMS conference March 2013
HKGCC, Hong Kong
19 photos
HKKMS event: February 2013

On the 4th February Dr Rivadavia C. Drummond de Alvarenga Neto, spoke to the society about "Making KM work"
10 photos
HKKMS event : December 2012

The final event for 2012 was a networking social event with a special guest, John Bordeaux from Washington, USA
17 photos
HKKMS event July 2012 "Unlocking Intellectual Capital"

The society was happy to have Dr John Dumay to talk to society members on the topic of unlocking intellectual capital
HKGCC, United Centre, Hong Kong
8 photos
HKKMS event - May 2012 "Knowledge Loss from retirees"

Cherie Lui and Jessica Yip spoke about the increasing issue related to knowledge loss from retirees
HKGCC, United Centre, Hong Kong
5 photos
HKKMS event April 2012   "Big data"

The April event was held in the HKCC facility, further details can be found,
6 photos
HK KMS Events - January 2012

Annalie Killian, came to talk to the society on Innovation and collaboration in corporate environments. Annalie Killian, from Australian Mutual Provident (AMP) has the wonderful job title ” Catalyst for Magic”.
Hong Kong PolyU
6 photos
HKKMS events - December 2011

The December 2011 event was held at the FCC and featured a fascinating talk by Prof. Eric Tsui around "Using Social Media to enhance collaboration, marketing, and learning" and a social and networking event
16 photos
HK MAKE 2011

Photos from the presentation for the MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) awards 2011. The HK KMS is an active supporter of these annual awards.
Hong Kong PolyU
5 photos
HKKMS Events - November 2011

Eric Spain, the Director of Innovation Insight, Hong Kong spoke to the society on "Creating knowledge out of ignorance"
4 photos
HKKMS events - August 2011

Klaus Tochtermann spoke to the society on the topic "Library Science and knowledge technologies: bringing together two great communities"
HKCC, Admiralty, Hong Kong
6 photos
HK KMS Events - 2011 KM conference

Jointly hosted by the Knowledge Management Research Centre (KMRC) and the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society, the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Conference on 4th March 2011. This year, Mr. Nicolas Gorjestani, from The World Bank delivered a talk on “The Intangibles in Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture”.
13 photos