Jul 142012
Dr John Dumay The HKKMS is pleased to have Dr. John Dumay from the University of Sydney, to be presenting to the society on “unlocking intellectual capital” This event is jointly organised by the HKKMS & the KMIRC.

Dr. Dumay worked for over 15 years as an independent business consultant across a wide variety of industries before joining academia after completing his PhD in 2008.   This seminar brings together Dr John Dumay’s unique blend of consulting, change management and academic research experience to help “un-lock” IC so that academics and practitioners can take the lessons he has learnt, adapt them into their own context and “un-lock” the IC in their own organisations.

Event schedule
Date: 17th JULY 2012, 6:30 -8:00 PM
Venue: Conference Room 1, 22/F,
United Centre, 95 Queensway
(Admiralty MTR Station)

Further details of “unlock intellectual capital and Dr John Dumay