Mar 042011

Jointly hosted by the Knowledge Management Research Centre (KMRC) of ISE and the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society, the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Conference on 4th March 2011 has once again ended with applause. This year, we were proud to have Mr. Nicolas Gorjestani, Senior Advisor from The World Bank to deliver a talk on “The Intangibles in Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture”.

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Apr 012010

The Society has once again hosted this year’s Hong Kong Knowledge Management Conference on 30th March 2010.

With 9 highly respected international and local speakers, the theme of the conference was “Making KM productive” and luminaries gave updates on various topics including identification of critical knowledge assets, managing knowledge in a complex world, intellectual capital for knowledge organisations, design thinking approach to KM, personal KM, digital assets management and process-based KM, and critical success factors for KM projects.

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Mar 092009

Kick off with OGCIO

The conference this year was keenly aware of the economic troubles affecting the world’s economies but at the same time it was understood that it is times like this that some companies can make great strides forward in certain initiatives that might otherwise be ignored. ‘Don’t waste this crisis,’ could have been the title of the conference.

This year we were very fortunate in having Jeremy Godfrey, the Government CIO kick off the conference with a few chosen words. Jeremy reminded everyone that this is the time to ‘raise the game’. One way to achieve that would be to make certain we do not over commit but remain focused on only three or four things. It was the job of the government, he said, to be more than just a cheerleader. They will be keen on implementing many KM ideas over the next few months and years and they are already using technologies and ideas based on such things as Web 2.0.

It was clear that Jeremy was going to be extremely active in his role and that must surely be a good thing for both Hong Kong and for KM.

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Feb 182009

There were a number of major KM Conferences held in the Asia Pacific region in the closing period of 2008, notably in Singapore, Australia, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

A panel of HKKMS members and friends of the Society met to discuss and debate the main issues raised to provide members a perspective on where KM is at present and where it is headed in the region.