Mar 042011

Jointly hosted by the Knowledge Management Research Centre (KMRC) of ISE and the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society, the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Conference on 4th March 2011 has once again ended with applause. This year, we were proud to have Mr. Nicolas Gorjestani, Senior Advisor from The World Bank to deliver a talk on “The Intangibles in Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture”.

The list of talks and speakers were:

  1. The Intangibles in Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture – Nicolas Gorjestani, World Bank
  2. Brief History of Hong Kong MAKE – Jenny Chan – Programme Manager of KMRC, PolyU
  3. The Knowledge café – what is it and how does it work? – David Gurteen
  4. Knowledge Cafe –Brief Cases Sharing by the MAKE Award Winners

Eight Winners of the Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award also shared their KM strategies and experiences with the audience in a Knowledge Cafe style. Participants valued the opportunity to have face‐to‐face conversation with the winners where they can learnt and gleaned insights from each other.

This year’s conference attracted over 60 participants from across different sectors including government, NGOs and various business and industrial sectors.

Detailed agenda of the conference can be found HERE

David Gurteen’s Knowledge Cafe notes can be found HERE