Apr 012014

Dave Snowden, Kim Sbarcea and Patrick Lambe provided a thought provoking morning’s sharing on KM, K Audits, driving benefits, horse characters, Trust, Sensemaking, Exaptation, Storytelling and sick stigma.  If nothing else it was certainly engaging.

The panel discussion, had some interesting thoughts and perspectives from attendees, here are a couple:

“Is using the term Knowledge Management  detrimental or helpful”
“Siloes, siloes…”
“Can you get a good result from using software tools in the KAudit process”

For signed up members and attendees at the conference, you can access the speaker’s presentations as follows:


Dave Snowden’s presentation

Patrick Lambe's presentation

Patrick Lambe’s presentation

Kim Sbarcea's presentation

Kim Sbarcea’s presentation







We have uploaded a a few photos from the KM in practice conference.
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