Dec 152011

Innovation and Collaboration in corporate environments

The first meeting of 2012 will be a KMRC/HKKMS joint sponsored event on the 17th January 2012.

The speaker is Annalie Killian, from Australian Mutual Provident (AMP)  who has the wonderful job title ” Catalyst for Magic”  Annalie is an award winning thought leader in driving enterprise collaboration and innovation.  This is a must attend event.

Join us on the 17th January at 7:00pm in Room BC305, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Quick synopsis of the talk
Whilst many other corporate programmes have faltered, the AMP innovation culture has steadily grown, and today enjoys a key strategic focus at the Leadership level.  Annalie will talk about how collaboration and innovation have joined hands to shift the culture of AMP, outline the eco-system approach she espouses, and explain the key role that the AMPLIFY Festival of Innovation and Thought Leadership, an event she created and produce every 2 years, as a catalyst and accelerator of change.”

Who is Annalie?
Annalie’s role focuses on cultivating a culture of innovation and collaboration, helping people across all levels explore new trends, experiment with ideas and emerging technologies, and find ways to apply or commercialise them. She founded AMP’s crowdsourcing innovation programme which has grown from a grassroots movement in 2003 to a company‐wide programme by 2009.

Fuller details of Annalie and this event can be found HERE

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