Apr 232019

Transforming towards a fully digitized company embraces the whole organization. Since IT has turned from a mere supporting factor towards a core element of business processes and entire companies, highly competitive digital markets reward agile business reactions. Extant market players are characterized by a long grown IT infrastructure and complex organizational structures.

Nico Wunderlich will give an overview of scientific findings on how digital transformation changes organizations on all hierarchical levels, based on insights from scientific publications in combination with his own internationally published studies. The challenge to implement digital technologies such as (big) data analysis or artificial intelligence and to develop digital business models asks for intensified interaction of organizational units. Discuss successful co-working of the business and IT-side on digital strategy, IT decision making, and achieving competitive advantage in highly dynamic markets.

Facilitator: Nico Wunderlich
Date : Monday 29th April
Time: 6:00pm until 8.00pm
Location: 22nd Floor, United Centre, Admiralty

This talk will be highly interactive.

The meeting is $200 for non-members and free for HKKMS & KMIRC members. Please reserve your place by registering below.